Good news?
On today's patch the notes read:


Resolved an issue where leaving the mission while on either the Iconian Bridge or Star Fleet Academy and then reentering the mission would send the player back to the Iconian Bridge map instead of Sol System.
Resolved an issue where KDF players could attack Starfleet personnel during the episode and vice versa.
Resolved an issue where L’miren would disappear towards the end of the events on Ancient Iconia.
Midnight Rewards:
Added Iconian Meridian Head Attach Tech costume part for Females.
Resolved an issue causing missing armpits for females when wearing the Iconian vests.

Event Reputation:
The Store button will now always be available, allowing account-wide reclaim of Event Ships.
The tabs for Winter and Summer Event Stores will remain locked behind their respective event tutorial projects as every character must still unlock these tabs when each Seasonal Event becomes available.
Fleet Weekly Buff Projects: Resolved an issue that was causing the Weekly Buffs to only last about one day when the project was completed.


Added Ancient Iconian Doors.
Added two Ancient Iconian Consoles.
Added two new template maps:
Ancient Iconia 01
Ancient Iconia 02
Added dogs, kittens, and caracals as NPC Contacts.


Resolved an issue where a crash would occur when opening the Skills UI while the Skill Respec UI was already open.
Resolved an issue where pressing the Tell button on the social menu would not work correctly.
Resolved an issue where a player couldn’t leave a custom made chat channel such as Trade.
This also resolves the issue where players were seeing chat from Champions Online.

Known Issues:

Two walkways are missing from the Ancient Iconia 02 map in the Foundry.
The R&D Daily mission for Cannons incorrectly rewards Argonite Gas.
Some players are not able to reclaim the Breen Chel Grett and the Dyson Science Destroyer."

This line is what caught my eye:

"The Store button will now always be available, allowing account-wide reclaim of Event Ships."

So does this mean I can claim all my old unlocked ships on older characters? I hope so.
Yes, they made that change awhile ago but up until now you could only unlock the store during summer and winter events.
This is awesome!!! I get to use some old ships I like a lot.
Well as long as they are account unlocks you get to.
Well no so good news, I didnt have any ship unlocked, so I bought some keys and it was a blessing I got a new ship and I am happy with it. Now time for missions.

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