Working on a new DPS build.
Got back to the 40k I was before the plasma nerf by switching to the fleet t6 battlecruiser with an aux2bat build and to 55k by improving my piloting.  Need to do some more upgrading but I don't think I'm going to get much more out of my build so I'm looking at doing something different.  I'll have to drop OSS or attack patterns, leaning towards keeping OSS, but I've been using the same basic build, just on different ships, since I started working on my DPS and I want to try something different.  Even with already having most of the equipment for this build it's still going to be expensive because of the price of Kemocite 1, need 2 of them, and a Conductive RCS console with EPS.
If I may offer my 2 cents...

You don't *need* KLW or a conductive RCS [eps]. In fact, I would not drop attack patterns for KLW on a beam boat (torps is a different story). KLW on beam boats is worth slotting only if you have "spare space". for the RCS [eps] could simply get a normal EPS Flow Regulator instead. It will do the same job for a fraction of the cost (minus the turn).

Here is my arbiter for reference:

I don't fly it much but I saw 93K out of it (post nerf). You would drop APO for another APB if you don't have Zemok...and you could drop the RIF for another offensive console.

Often, the biggest (and cheapest) gains are to be found in piloting. When going from 60K to my current 96K (post nerf) personal record on my tac oddy, my build barely changed; but my piloting improved.

Positioning, getting good GDF's, ability activation timings....they all have a much bigger impact on DPS than any "epic" item. Same holds true for team composition/coordination (tf/if coordination for example).
I'm also looking at a threat gen reciprocity build that would allow me to run everything I want.  It would even give me room for a second FAW and TT for when I'm not pulling enough threat for reciprocity to work.  It's still a work in progress, the only thing I've gotten for it so far is a FAW 3 for my third tac boff.

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