Subspace vortex question
Hi guys. Correct me if I am wrong but subspace vortex is a exotic damage shouldn´t it benefits from exotic particle focuser buff - the new science console from research lab and also from  Dyson science console Shield refrequencer and of course from positive feedback loop trait? GW is buffed by those so SV should be also, or not?
Maybe it is buffed but not showing it when I go over the SV Icon ( in space of course. )

Thank you

With the exception of it's CD it should benefit from all of the same things grav well does.
Well it should but it is? There is no info if yes or not. So I am asking if somebody tried it and it is actually benefits or not.

If no one in the fleet knows Sarcasm Detector would be the one to ask.  He's the one that ran all the math on how EPS effects DPS and was really excited about grav well and subspace vortex no longer sharing a CD so I'm sure he's tested this to find the best combination of skills and equipment.
Is there any way I can contact him?

You would be able to contact him thorough his YouTube channel

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I don't know what his in game handle is but Twitter or his Youtube channel would be how I'd contact him.

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