Thanks for the update!

Almost everything I mentioned in previous thread is fixed. Only item remaining is the new Temporal Phase core.

New item I noticed is the other item from the Butterfly set: the chroniton infused tetryon omni beam.

A couple of things I just noticed to be missing:
  • Blaze of Glory (space), Coalition Starship Tactics (space), Coalition Squad Tactics (ground) and Taking You with Me (ground) are missing from the personal trait list.
  • Improved Pedal to the Metal is missing from the ship trait list.
BTW, if i may ask, is there an ETA for the missing icons?
Thanks. No ETA on the icons, sorry.

Also missing some ship traits from recent lock boxes/doff packs:

Attack Pattern Delta Prime
Point Defense Protocols
Scramble Fighters

Reciprocity (for KDF and ROM)
Tactical Retreat (for KDF and Fed)
Overwhelming force (for Fed and Rom)

There's also a whole slew of new consoles and kit stuff from new Research Labs holding missing.
'Restorative Particle Focuser' and 'Exotic Particle Focuser' science consoles
Strategic Secondary Deflectors

From latest Butterfly mission,
'Temporal Disentanglement Suite' console
'Sol Defence' space set
Thanks. I haven't had a chance to visit the Research Lab yet and get the list of items, eventually I'll get to it as well as the other issues you listed.

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