Exocomp Duty Officer
Evening Fleet,

I've just received a mission called Reinforcements which tells me to report to Captain Jarol at Starfleet Academy to obtain an Exocomp duty officer. 

When I show-up, Captain Jarol is nowhere to be found. Google is telling me this was a Junior Officer Appreciation award from ages ago, so what's going on? Can I complete this mission and get the reward or not?

Thanks all!

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I think it was a reward from the most recent Junior Officer event that ended this past Monday (8/24). Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to collect it now that the event is over.
You should be able to turn it in during the next duty officer event, the last 2 have given the same doff.
Thanks folks, shall I just keep the mission active? I guess if I drop the assignment I lose it forever?

When the event comes back that mission will be invalid, so you'll need to drop it anyway

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Mine got destroyed doing duty officer asingment.

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