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Hey guys. I am looking for good set for my tac character. I am flying nandi ship so I am heavily focused on science abilities. Currently using solanae def, eng and shield and new temporal core. Do you have any suggestions what should I go for or should I stick with what I have now? What is a good set for tac char with science focus? Thank you

Do you want control or drain if you want to go with an all science focus or do you want more of a support/DPS build?
I am usin greedy emitters trait so my science abilitties are tachyon beam, energy syphon, gravity well and Destabilizing resonance beam. Tohether with dyson science console which adds proton damage. So for this. I think it is all about aux power or not?

Do you happen to have the t6 battlecruiser?  Greedy emitters works very well with emergency weapon cycle and energy siphon.

I'll take a look at the Nandi and see what I can come up with for you.
I would go with something like this.  It's not a cheap build, especially for the ship traits, but there are things you can change and get almost as good of a build.  If you do go with this build or base your own build on it, always keep full power to aux.  Emergency power to weapons and energy siphon will keep your weapon power up and with the new science console plus the traits from the Nakura rep you will gain damage, defense, crtd and crth from aux power.
Well I see your point. This is my alt character so not much resources for him. I have leech on my main, but ok I was prepared for another grinding. Thank you

No problem, theory crafting and coming up with builds is one of my favorite parts of STO.

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