Farming Dilithium and Fleet Donatiobns
After reading this weeks fleet newsletter I thought I'd share some things I've changed that have helped me farm a lot of dilithium in the last week.  I used to have 6 toons all of which I tried to play and it was impossible to do any work towards finishing any of the builds and farm any of the resources I needed.  So I cut back to 3 toons, one from each class, and started over on the rest making toons for farming dilithium.  My plan is to have the 3 toons I play and 6 that do nothing but turn in contraband and help farm contraband if I get low.  Right now I only have 3 farming toons but since August 7th I've made enough dilithium to donate 48,000 to the Legion, spend 12,000 on recruitment mission on the Starbase, buy the t2 KDF ship from the Zen store and do a lot of upgrading.  I spend less time in the game farming, which means more time actually playing, but make a ton more dilithium than I ever did when I was trying to play 6 toons.

This is easier if you're KDF but anyone can do it, if you're KDF you can get contraband by running marauder doff missions but if you're not you can focus on farming EC and buy it from the exchange.  Once you have a supply of contraband setup your farming toons by leveling them to 11, give them a stack of contraband, park them in front of the security officer on DS9 and log in every 4 hours to claim the mission and start a new one.  Most days it's hard to log in enough to get 8k from every toon but on the days I can I'll rake in 72,000 dilithium, or enough to get a t6 ship every 10 days, once I have all 9 going.

Don't forget to run the recruitment missions you can get on the fleet Starbase or at the Fed or KDF academy.  They help you to build up your doffs early in the game and give you doffs for donating to the fleet later.  I try to remember to run them every week.

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