Need some advice on the VA
Man it really hurts, I hope they get the results expected. May the healing hand of God restore your dad's health.
My dad actually did call the VA and ask what the hell is going on.  Shocked me that he did, if he has something that he needs to do he can push himself through just about anything and is pretty good about doing the right thing but when he doesn't have that motivation he's always chosen what's comfortable.  He's staying at least one more day so that the doctors at the VA can weigh in instead of making the decision based solely on money.
Good! My experiences with the VA have been nothing but horror stories - it sounds like your father finally got through to a real human being. Probably someone new to the job. Tongue
I think I'm going to go insane if this goes on much longer.  First he was coming home yesterday because the VA didn't want to pay anymore, then that got straightened out, then he was coming home today because now that Hershey has seen how he reacts to the chemo he's ready and now it looks like he's not coming home yet because the VA is dragging it's feet on paperwork for in home healthcare to come teach us how to do some stuff.
You or your mom needs to call the Red Cross and ask them for the help with the bills. You might also try Catholic Charities. And no you don't have to be Catholic for them to help you. I volunteer with them every weekend feeding the homeless and I know I'm not Catholic and I am pretty sure that most of the homeless are not as well. You could also google "help paying medical bills for Hershey Med". You might find more help than you think in order to pay the medical bills for him.

Thanks trellis but now that the paper work is taken care of everything seems to be going pretty smooth.  He had his first round of chemo 2 weeks ago and responded so well to it they sent him home the next day, although my mom's aunt says chemo got worse the further into the treatment see got.  After one round the mass has shrank so much that he has a cap over the trach and is breathing normally, if he doesn't have any problems over the next few days the trach will be taken out on Wednesday.

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