Season 11 "New Dawn" - Unofficial Star Trek Online Trailer
Well, I've finished my Unofficial Trailer for the new expansion coming up!  Hope you all enjoy it!

Two words: excellent work.
Amazing work as usual!
Truly, truly impressive.
Absolutely Fantastic! SO much better than the official one- love the picard quote at the end Wink

You should really think about making an actual video story in STO, which would be amazing with your screenshots and your existing trailers which already convey a sense of story. 

This is great work- and thanks a lot for sharing it with us!


EDIT- I had seen this a couple of years ago before the audio track was muted, it was like an episode of star trek but set in sto.

heres a trailer of the next episode that never got produced
Wow that sent a shiver down my back. Quite exceptional!
I have thrilled that you all love it Smile

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