Scryer Beam Boat Build
So I'm really digging my Scryer - I like the mechanics of science ships, and I like that there is more versatility than my glass cannon on my Romulan (he flies the tactical pilot escort).  I'm also a fan of trying to make things "cool" rather than "effective" - though that hardly means I am insane.  It just means that if the difference between two items is minimal, I'll go with the cool option.  I'm also a big fan of set gear - again, because of "cool."

With all that said, I present my Scryer Beam Boat build.  I'd like for you all to take a look at it, kick the tires a bit so to speak, and give me feedback.  I'm not 100% sold on the Delta weaponry, so I'm willing to look into other options there.  Additionally, I have a limited selection of traits to choose from.  Specifically the trait from the Scryer, the Nandi, and the delta recruit content.

Also, for the sake of making life easier, I am NOT planning on using the Enhanced Plasma Manifold science console.  That has been replaced by Bio-Neural Gel.  And I'm going to swap out the plasma-generating science console for the new science console released with the "Butterfly" episode.
Rule #1: If your build works for you, then it is fine! Wink

That said, I'm now kicking some tires. I see three different Energy types on your Beam weapons. Bad idea. Decide on one and stick to them. Most people prefer Antiproton for the extra chance to increase the damage dealt on Critical hits, others prefer Plasma for the extra damage dealt over time. Personally, I prefer Tetryons for the Shield busting.

The new stuff, that we get from the new featured episode is sweet and I agree with you, that you should equip the new science consoles. However, I disagree with your choice of replacement. Since the new Science console increases your Shield capacity by 20%, you should keep the Plasma-Generating one and lose the Shield-Repairing one.

Given the fact, that you use Gravity Well III, it may be a wiser choice to use an Inhibiting Secondary Deflector. In that context, you should also replace Torpedo: High Yield with Torpedo Spread.

All in all, I can't help but feeling you focus too much on self-healing. Replace Emergency Power to Shields III with Emergency Power to Auxiliary III. As a Science Captain on a Science Ship you want to keep Aux Power levels as high as possible. Potential Shield Healings can be done with your Transfer Shield Strength.

In the sense of Crowd Control, lose one Hazard Emitter and get Tractor Beam Repulsors.

That's my 2 cents for now. Wink
Awesome advice!  I do generally try not to make rainbow beam boats, and I do like the Tetryon beams for their ability to strip shields.  The only issue I run into there is that none of the sets currently utilize the shield stripping aspect of Tetryon damage.  Well, except for the Nukara set actually.

So I might just go all Polaron to preserve my set bonus from the Delta set. Though now that I'm looking at the Nukara Tetryon arrays and dual beam banks, they might have a place in this build. I'd love to get your thoughts on that idea.

I don't really need the omnis in this build, simply because it's pretty nimble and I'm unlikely to be doing a lot of beam blasting with Gravity Well, Tyken's, etc.

I am thinking of checking out the Krenim secondary deflectors, but if I can't find one of those that gives the same bonus as the Inhibiting, I think I'll swap that out.  I hadn't noticed the effects of them before.  Smile

And I agree that I focus too much on self-healing - there have been many times when I have skills that are not on cooldown.  And when I see that, i think that I'm not balancing my skills effectively.
I personally prefer torp build on that ship.
Here what I use
This build is for doff Graga mal
Note: Solanea deflector has better PrtG then dyson
If you like the shield striping of Tetryon and want Polaron use Dominion Polaron, it's Polaron with the shield striping proc from Tetryon.  The other option is if you have the Crystalline trop you can go with AP so that your tac consoles boost both your beams and torp.  With mostly beam arrays you don't need onmi beams, the only time you won't be broadsiding is when you want to use the torp and arrays do more damage than an omni.

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