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Hey guys! So my outdated 5 year old 1.2 GHz Intel HD Graphics laptop finally died on me. Which I suppose is a good thing since it forces my hand to get a new computer. I have searched online and use my New egg preferred account to be able to get good decent desktop that sounds like it will be at least a vast improvement from what I had its an ABS Dreadnought ALA001 Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-6300 (3.50GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD GTX 750.

It comes with a 120 GB Solid State Drive which I think I remember is good to have. I'm not exceptionally computer literate. I should have it by tuesday.
That will be a marked improvement! Upgrading your processor will help with a lot of the basic functions, but the GTX 750 is where you'll see the changes. That thing is a workhorse, very durable and good quality. The SSD is awesome - I'd see about loading my operating system and gaming files on there. Then I'd have a second hard drive for storage of things like media and documents.

Not a bad setup all around. Smile
glad to hear that. I am definitely putting STO on the SSD once I figure out how to hook it up. It can't get here soon enough LOL
Condolences...and congrats on the new toy!
Yeah, I am really looking forward to having a computer that will competently run the game at higher than minimum settings! I paid for 3 day shipping but ordered it yesterday so it probably won't get here until after the weekend which is fine for me since I'll be in Asheville NC for a tango workshop learning from one of the best tangueros in the world until Sunday evening. For the first time ever, I will be behind on a timed event. Thankfully the CC event's reward is not a big deal and more about the dil. I should still have plenty of time though.
Nyx is spot on with the SSD size. You'll be tempted to put everything on there. Do not fall into this trap! Keep your media, like photos and videos and music on a separate hard drive (ideally a cheap HDD at 7200 RPM, you can get 1 TB ones for about $100). The reasoning is that media loads into your RAM, and that's the end of it. So you don't really access your storage for that sort of thing. However, game files and OS files are constantly being written and overwritten, so your SSD is ideal for that. I'm actually pretty jealous - an SSD is the one component I'm missing from my rig. My daughter kind of killed me getting one, who knew kids were so damned expensive?!
Yeah my gameplan was to only load windows and STO on the SSD. Fortunately, I really don't have any media for the 1TB HDD so it will pretty much just sit in waiting I imagine. The only issue is mounting the SSD, not sure it it comes with what I need or if there's a space already for it.

Also, I tracked my package and it was in town this morning at 8AM so hopefully you guys will see me popping online sometime today! I can't wait to actually see the game run and not struggle at even the minimum settings!
That is awesome news!

The SSD should have a mount that comes with it - I assume you didn't buy all this piecemeal, so it should be assembled already. You probably won't have to do more than hook up all the cables, install updates and drivers, and get in game. Smile
Well the SSD arrived since it was a separate promotion with the computer. I can't pick up the computer until tomorrow morning because FedEx is lazy as shit. But tomorrow for sure! The SSD  has nothing with it so I will have to get the SATA cables for it tonight.
Ahhh, yeah that makes sense then. I assume it came with a driver disc as well, just in case the BIOS doesn't support SSD by default? Odds are bad that the BIOS will throw an error for you when you first boot, but if it does, just pop the disc in and flash the BIOS, load the drivers, etc.

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