Tactical Pilot Mercury Beam Bank - Help me!
I'm averaging about high 16k-mid 17k DPS. And I'm really wanting to get up around 25k DPS, I have the consoles, the weapons. I'm not sure what I'm missing/doing wrong! Help please!

There are lots of things you can do to your build to up your DPS.  The things that I think will make the biggest difference is a respec, changing your boff abilities and adding some doffs.  Get yourself 3 VR Damage Control Engineers to reduce the cooldown on emergency power abilities and a Warp Core Engineer to boost all of your power levels with emergency power abilities when he procs and try this.


There are other things you can do to boost your DPS but I think those things should get you the boost you're looking for.
Thank you! I'll look into those, I had a feeling it was just a bunch of small things here and there that are simple fixes.

Any other suggestions or changes to anything I'm open to. I've been stuck at ~17k DPS for almost 2 months. Spent a month making my weapons and finally got the 5 I wanted, but it didn't really boost me as much as I thought it would.
Apart from what has been said above, I can't help but wonder if you are indeed such a good pilot. Can you bring your five DBB always to bear on your targets as often as would be necessary?. One thing, you might want to consider is to craft an AP Omni Beam and put it next to your ancient one.
Yeah, I'm a good pilot, I've always lined all my shots up, keep targets, as many as possible in arc range for my FAW. And I have a crafted omni AP beam next to the Ancient one [ARC] is on the one I posted. That was expensive to make. I always make sure my power level is as close to 125 as possible with A2B and I ride cooldowns as soon as they're ready, they pop. The skill tree respec did huge help. My Leech works so much better now lol. Power level doesn't drop down to 60s like it used to.
Most of the other things you can do are going to be expensive and take time.  The only cheap things left are to get the Kinetic Cutting from the Omega rep and the Subspace Field Modulator from the mission Specters.  You can make or buy all new weapons to take advantage of the change to the dmg mod, the best for Fed is epic dmgx3/pen and get the 3 part iconian set to go with Romulan engines.  It might be a good idea to get 2 more of the science consoles from the Embassy but we'll have to wait till after the nerf on Thursday to find out.  If the Embassy consoles are still worth using I'd use 3 of them and then put the Assimilated Module, Bio-Neural Infusion Circuits and Plasmonic Leech in your engineering slots.  After that you can do things like pick up Zemok to lower attack pattern cooldowns and get everything upgraded to epic but you only need to do all of this if you're looking to max your build's DPS.  20k to 30k is enough to do any of the advanced STFs and you only need to max your build if you're looking to do elites.  I average around 35k with my DPS build and can only do a couple of elites, most of them just require too much DPS for where my build sits now.

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