Well, it was fun while it lasted but the nerf bat approaches

Plasma consoles don't work right EXCEPT with BFAW? Let's fix it so they don't work right anywhere. Thanks Cryptic.

gotta love their reasoning "we don't know how to fix it so we are making it useless. it is what it is". what an ass-hat response. guess I will be back in the 40k dps range Sad. Sadly, I do agree with removing it though. I felt super-cheap knowing a third of my dps was coming from just those consoles and they make pvp near unplayable. I just wish they would have boosted the base damage in return. Also, I think it is super shitty they stealth nerf it after the upgrade weekend knowing lots of folks were getting them and upgrading them to epic to make them better during the event.

I wonder if they will still be decent dps or if I am now able to slot other things there now. I wouldn't mind throwing temporal shielding on my Imperium ship.
The reason they say they are doing this is BS, they say it's to make cannon and torp builds viable but Snippy did some testing on Tribble and even with the changes beams with FAW still out perform everything else.  Plus the 25% nerf effects cannons too so it does nothing to make them any better than they were before.  If your game is so broken that temporally breaking one of the things that's working seems like the best solution it might be time to hire some new people.
Right..... just as I decided to give DPS a try by buying and upgrading four Embassy Plasma consoles and by respecing, this happens. Figures. LOL
well... thats just scuppered by plans....
For what it's worth, despite the heavy impending nerf, these will still most likely be the best things to fill your sci slots with.

So I would not expect the meta to shift for the moment.
so i just read from tribble notes from yesterday that not only are they removing the console's ability to crit but also reducing their damage by 25%. not sure they will be worth the slots now. the fact they decided to fuck most of us over rather than fix the consoles for everyone really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. power creep is one thing but to literally make the meta suck more without anything to take its place is downright rude
Yes, they will be worth the slot despite the 25% base damage nerf. Even at 1/2 their current damage, they will be (by quite some margin) the best use of sci slots. We'll see what happens as they go live.
On the bright side, Cryptic is acknowledging the performance issues: Link To Reddit Post

A fix to the lag/misfires would more than compensate to this nerf.

Also, I suspect that further balancing will occur. Either they will buff the embassy consoles again once they figure out the "crit" issue, or they will buff tac consoles (which are desperately under-performing in the current meta).
Doesn't anyone wonder why exactly now, we get new consumables for crafting which (among others) increase damage output? And furthermore, that with the introduction of those, the CDs on Space batteries and the global CD on Batteries is reduced? I sense a new dilithium / ZEN sink here.

People are probably starting to respec for the Starship Batteries skill now, in order to prolong the effects of those new consumables. Or at least that is what Cryptic is hoping for.

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