Various things still missing from skill planner
Delta recruit rewards
Starship Trait: Improved Temporal Insight (only Temporal Insight was added to the skill planner)
Ground Device: Paradox Corrector
Ship Device: Temporal Negotiator
(Through testing I found these devices have to be equipped in order to use them)

Episode 'The Dragon's Deceit'
Ground equipment: Stealth Operational Armor (one time only reward and there is no way to get another or replacement that I know of, but I believe it can be upgraded)

Episode 'Takedown'
Ground weapon: Vaadwuar Pulsewave Pistol (one time only reward, though you may be able to get more from Vaadwuar lock boxes and the exchange) Should probably go into 'Other Weapons' category.

Episode 'What's Left Behind'
Elachi Kit Module - Subspace Rift (a universal module available for all careers that can be equipped into any type of kit module slot; one time only reward but can be reclaimed from 'Reclaim' tab in the Dilithium store)

Episode 'Uneasy Allies
Romulan Imperial Navy ground set:

Romulan Imperial Navy Combat Armor
Romulan Imperial Navy Personal Shield
Romulan Imperial Navy Kit

Plasma Feedback Cascade - universal kit module available for all careers and can be equipped into any type of kit module slot (it comes in the box packed with the Romulan Imperial Navy Kit)
The STO wiki doesn't seem to even mention this module but it is mentioned in the dev blog

Plasma Repeater Pistol (not part of a set) Should probably go into 'Other Weapons' category.

Episode 'House Pegh'
Ground - Up Close and Personal
Space - Point Blank Shot
Starship - The Best Defense

Episode 'Time in a Bottle'
Chroniton Split Beam Rifle
Ground device: Temporal Flux Generator

Episode 'Broken Circle'
Engineering bridge officer space skills - Emit Unstable Warp Bubble (Starts at Lieutenant rank)
Antichroniton Infused Tetryon Full Auto Rifle
Consumable ship device - Reactive Armor Catalyst (gives you 5 of this item and unlocks the ability to craft more in R&D Engineering found near the top of the list; all of these items are bound to character when you get them even when crafting more)
Soon to be released:
Universal Kit Module - Jam Subspace Transmissions

I'm sure there are ground and ship weapons, boff abilities, and traits from recent lock boxes that I didn't mention, but that would be time consuming having to search around to find info that the STO wiki is missing so I can list it here. But if anybody can think other things I missed please feel free to post here.
Oh yeah.

Traits - need a 5th slot added for:
Space reputation
Ground reputation
Active reputation

These extra slots can be purchased at the new Research Lab fleet holding once your fleet has them unlocked. (there is also a 6th R&D project slot you can purchase there once unlocked)

Also there are new special kits that can be purchased from the new fleet holding. These kits come with a built in skill from another career such as a Tactical kit having Naninte Health Monitor as an added ability. These skills are modifiers for the kits and not modules, so they are essentially inherent to the kits.

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