So in terms of the R&D system, how rare is the CrtDx3 Modifier for Weapons?
Yeah the question is in the title, did anyone actually make the 'chance' for the [CrtD]x3 modifier for creating weapons? Since it is hell'va random.
I get one like every 150-200 tries. Keep in mind CrtDx2 Pen is actually better and Dmgx2 Pen and Dmgx3 are also good
After they removed those PvP modifiers, the mathematical chance is supposed to be something around 120:1.
So its a little bit better than it was.. lol

I got 1 CrtDx2 and Pen, and 1 Dmgx2 and Pen.. lol.

I got a CrtDx3 only by creating 85 of the Beam Arrays.
Keep in mind, if your crth is high enough crtd/pen is still better than dmg/pen.  If I remember correctly it's at 28% crth where crtd and dmg are about the same.
I only have 21.4% CritH on my ship while I have 127.1% CritD on it.
So I don't really know what choices I have to increase my overall CritH but I do know how to increase my CritD. lol
If you're ate 21.4% you probably should us dmg, you won't get enough critical hits for the crtd to do more damage than the dmg mod with the changes they made.
So would it be good to have all my weapons be Advanced Fleet/Elite Fleet Weapons?
The best, if you're using the dmg mod, are dmgx3/pen.  But the fleet crtd/dmgx3 are going to give you the most bang for the money.
Concerning the relative merits of the various [mods], I recommend looking here. Vel recently updated it to reflect the changes to [dmg].

Keep in mind that [pen] is currently the most desirable of weapon mods by a fair margin, and it can only appear upon the initial crafting of the weapon. Therefore, crtdx3 (or dmgx3) are not as desirable as you may think.

Also note that the difference between "good" and "optimal" weapon mods is often just a few small % points (you can run your own case-by-case estimates using the link above). Therefore, IMO, don't worry too much about "perfect" mods unless you are min-maxing that last 1%. For example, the difference between something like a crtdx3/pen and a acc/crtdx2/pen is, frankly, negligible and you will not notice it. 

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