T6 Heavy Escort Carriers

The rumor mill hits truth again. Probably launching on Thursday's patch cycle.

All sorts of yes
Damn. Will have to wait a month to buy them. Sad
I am already trying to figure out how I will explain the necessity of this purchase.

the trait will make your JHDC that much more deadly?
Stats are posted today: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-tr...iers-stats

Alita gets pilot! I should have made that bet after all Matt Smile

lol yeah being a nihilist all the time isn't fun. all I can say is this offering if very underwhelming to me. If I used my narcine more the trait might appeal to me but honestly it just doesn't grab my attention. I'm holding out for the Sci Dread when it comes out.
I think the Arkif update is the most interesting; LtCdr pilot/Sci and another LtCdr universal in addition to Cdr Tac sounds like a great combo, and they have set bonuses too.

I think the trait has some interesting possibilities to break up the BFAW meta a bit for carriers at least. I'm curious if using [Over] will proc the trait or if it is only based on actual usage of Beam Overload. If it is the former I can see this being hilarious and awesome, not so much for the latter.


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