A statement from the STO Academy in response to recent allegations of discrimination.
It is with a heavy heart that we feel we must write this statement, but due to a recent incident within this fleet we feel that this is necessary.

We believe in Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. This is the guiding principle behind why we play Star Trek Online, and to why we love Star Trek. A world free of intolerance and discrimination is something we all aspire for. Making sure we can create a fleet environment that everyone can feel included in, and not feel unsafe in is a good example as to why we do not permit political/religious and other subject matters of a sensitive nature to be discussed in our Fleet Chat Channel.
The STO Academy website and Fleet was made for the sole purpose of helping people, and we all work hard to live up to that. No matter what happens, we will always work hard to keep that ideal alive.

Unfortunately, it does not seem as though some people feel this way. 

Recently, as I am sure some of you have seen, member's of the fleet's leadership have been accused of discriminating against the LGBT community. We take these accusations incredibly seriously, and always investigate thoroughly when these allegations come to light.

The allegations made were false, and we are deeply hurt that they were made. They were posted on the STO Academy forums (to which they were deleted as they were inflammatory) and have already been spread to other fleets in the game.

We have strict rules around removing people from the fleet, and this person left on their own accord. This is proven by the Fleet Logs, which every member in the fleet can see without the need for permission, and request to see should they wish.

Fortunately those fleets have been in touch to ask us if they were true or not, and we have been able to explain what has happened.

Let us make this absolutely clear:

The STO Academy website and this fleet is open to all. Everyone, regardless of religious background, race, sexual orientation, political belief or no; there is no bias in this fleet, there is no hatred for anyone in this fleet, and we want everyone to know that they are included. 

The person in question divulged quite sensitive information about themselves in making the noted post and leaving our fleet, and I think it should be recognised that this was an incredibly courageous thing to make public regardless of the circumstances. We want everyone to be themselves in the STO Academy Fleet and outside of it.

If you need to talk about anything we can be contacted in the strictest of confidence, and if you wish to talk about the events that have transpired, please do not hesitate to send one of us a message either in game (@attilio_stoa/@Jstagg) or through the forums on the STO Academy Website.


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