I have another question, and it has to deal with the Commedations...
Why does it take forever to level up Recruitment? lol

The CXP is kinda aggravating to level and sooner or later they are going to increase the rank to 5.

Also is there any good spots to grind up Commendations? For Recruitment and others, I already have Development maxed.
Recruitment was always a gripe of mine too!

Definitely take advantage of the recruitment assignments on starfleet academy, they are a great help.

Also, it might be good to tell you that dismissing doffs gives you 10 recruitment cxp! It's not a lot, but it's something!

Evaluate bridge officer assignments are fantastic too. Just keep looking in sector maps and don't forget to consult your bridge officers in the Doff window
I didn't know about dismissing but the other things besides the Starfleet Academy assignments... aka I didn't know about the Dismissing and the Star Fleet Academy Recruitment Assignments giving good 'Recruitment CXP.'

So what's the easiest Commedation Area, to get to Rank 4? Also Colonial is being a slightly a problem too since it's at Rank 2.
I wouldn't say it's the easiest. I found military to be the easiest for me.

For colonial have a look in the Doff window for "Chain Assignments," especially the nebula ones! Keep a look out in the consult boff tab in operations officer for those missions. Relocating colonists is always a good mission for the cxp too.

Don't stress too much about them! Smile
I found the missions in the Dyson Sphere to be useful across the board, and they give a lot of specialization experience also. Stick to the 12-20 hour missions for the most benefit.

Development and then Engineering is my easiest ones. Primarily, because I am almost done with Engineering and I've been done with Development for along time...

Even though I want to get Diplomatic Commedation to Rank 4, since that'll probably be a lot more fun.. in terms of options...
Yea diplomatic is a great one. It's certainly the hardest one from what I hear
Yeah, the Rank 4 Rewards for Diplo is awesome.
You'll never find a use for the uniform lol, I always use the shoes from it though.

The DS9 thing almost never happens either, so don't hold your breath! That commendation needs a wee bit of an uplift imo
They are thinking of adding Rank 5 Commedations... akin at 150k Commedations.

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