What does the Drv2 Epic Mod does? Its on Impluse Engines...
I have no idea what this mod does, unless its about the Driver Coil, that makes no sense since that is Coi.. >.>

Would like some help on this.
According to a Google search for STO epic mods this doc validates your guess about it being for Driver Coil. It adds 20.


I've also posted a list of the potential epic fixed mods for rep and storyline set gear in the Skill Planner forum previously, although it doesn't have a description of all mods it's a good list to decide whether or not to upgrade your rep gear.

Its weird that the Assilimated Deflector gives threat... lol
I saw that and was slightly was like: "What?"

Aux? Is that more aux power or what. nvm, its for Aux Engines...
Increased threat can be good for tanks and the Borg set has historically been a great tanking set due to its 2/3pc bonuses, although I think it may be outclassed a bit today. Not a mod you want to get intentionally unless you've got the build for it though.

Er, I am kinda in a Heavy Destroyer... and not a cruiser.. lol

However, I did pick the Borg Set over the other set I had akin to the Adapted Maco Set.
Mostly because its better to be alive more.. lol
It isn't a bad set at all. The engines are still the best ones for sector space speeds as far as I know. For DPS it is definitely not the best but for general purpose use it is solid.

77,971 Hull/12,615 Shield Cap, in my Tier 6 Fleet Manticore.
I like my ship in terms of that... lol

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