We've been challenged!!!
I am fine with TS or mumble as another alternative.

I'm glad you mentioned Mumble.  I forgot about it but that's actually an easier option for me.  I can run a Mumble server that we can use on Saturday.
Cool, I was going to suggest I do that but I'm happy to use yours. Do we know how many people will be showing up from their side?

Doesn't matter to me who runs the server, I don't have it installed at the moment so if you want to go ahead.  No idea on numbers yet but if we show up with more people than Valk he'll just pull people in from the stream to make it even.
I'm willing to join in again Smile  Although I think this time I'll use my Vesta instead.  I love the Wells but it is a little squishy.

Still trying to work out the details with Valk, apparently he can't respond to messages if he's not streaming.
(07-30-2015, 02:42 PM)giantcornsnake Wrote: while I appreciate the humor, what does this have to do with the topic? this should have been posted elswhere
Huh I was wondering the exact same thing. That was one hell of a fluke. Associated post removed.
Not sure what to so at this point.  I've asked Valikin 3 times about a time for Saturday and have yet to get answer.  Do we want to play it by ear or try for another weekend?
That answers that question, Valikin won't be home tomorrow so no stream and no PVP tomorrow.  He just said something about a PVP today while I'm typing this, hope he's not talking about us because I never said Friday.

If anyone else wants to try to get something together for another weekend go ahead.  This really pissed me off and I'm going out of my way to not be reachable during today's stream.
No worries if they don't show. I am not sure I will be available during the time slot tomorrow anyhow right now, some plans came up.


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