We've been challenged!!!
You could do a great drain build on your JHDC. 

Really, even with only 2 science consoles and 3 science abilities.
I talked to @robonixon after the PVP on Saturday about challenging ValikinFX and the Stream Core fleet to another fleet PVP.  Just talked to Valk and we wants to do it this Saturday if we can get a group together.  Let me know what you guys think and I'll let him know.
I can probably make that, same time as last match? 1pm EST 6pm UTC?

Works for me I'll check with Valk.

He thinks this is going to be a cake walk because he's doing 100k DPS and everyone in his fleet is using builds he helped with but my drain build I'm working on is built around the idea of locking someone like him down with grav well, energy siphon and tachyon beam before hitting him with a PEP torp spread.  Need to get a particle exciter and respec and then I'll be ready to test it out. 
Anyone doing that much DPS is a glass cannon by necessity.

That and somebody asked about drain builds during his stream and as he helped him with a build I payed attention and learned more about shutting people down and what to do to stop them from powering back up using supremacy.  Someone else asked about trop boats and I learned a few things that will help me make better use of my single torp.  I was going to ask him some questions but I thought it might be a little unfair asking him for help to make sure I can kill him so I just payed attention when others asked for things that I could use.
(07-27-2015, 08:20 PM)robonixon Wrote: Anyone doing that much DPS is a glass cannon by necessity.

We have a 100K DPS tank in this game...so I respectfully disagree.

Even my 80K+ Tac Oddy is far from a glass cannon Smile

However, to be fair, PvP and PvE don't fully compare. Sorry for going slightly off-topic.
Point taken!

Valikin is no tank, over come the console from the Valdore and he's dead.

Just sent him a message on Twitch, and I'm going to send it to him in game to make sure he sees it, to find out if 1pm est on Saturday is good for him.  This will be during his stream on Saturday so anyone that can't be in the fight can watch.

Does anyone have a problem using TeamSpeak on Saturday?  I feel like we should be able to talk to coordinate things, they will be, but because I use Linux I can't use RaidCall.

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