We've been challenged!!!
The United Federation of Planets Peace Corps Fleet has challenged us to a pvp match for next Saturday. Chris had set up matches with this fleet about 6 months ago and they were very fun (we also pretty much obliterated them). They're good guys and not sore losers at all. I invite anyone will to participate to show up. The first "official" match will be even teams of the opposing fleets but we always do several mixed matches to include anyone left on the sidelines for the real match. What time next Saturday is good for you guys?
I'm happy to join, not particular on time.

I'm not great at PVP, don't have much practice doing it, but if you need me I'm in.  Can bring a DPS or drain build depending on what's needed.
Drain could be fun, I was probably going to bring my torp vesta build.

(07-21-2015, 05:07 PM)robonixon Wrote: Drain could be fun, I was probably going to bring my torp vesta build.

Do you have a grav well?  I could switch from the Nandi to the Varanus Support Vessel and go drain/control.
I can do grav well and usually run TBR as well.

Then i will stick with the Nandi for the higher DPS I can get out of it.
That was good times, thanks for joining everyone! We'll have to do it again soon.

Once again we have shown others that our fleet does have a skilled and knowledgeable group of players. I was ahppy with the results of the match and the camaraderie that was displayed. I would also like to thank UFP for being such good sports about the outcomes of the matches. I will keep in touch with them about scheduling another match.
Matches we did after the official PVP were a lot of fun, never really been into PVP in any other game but this I could get into.  Nandi is way to squishy for PVP and my play style but I have another build in mind to try.

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