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Happy World Snake Day!!!

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One nice thing about the delay is it's hard to be disappointed by the wait when you expected it.  I never considered it a possibility that the game would be back up in 3 hours.
Yeah, sometimes it sucks being an optimist. Last time they updated on Reddit, they said it could be a couple hours or more. They really screwed the pooch on this one it seems. I just wish their developers didn't get their degrees and certifications from a box of Cracker Jack. Its sad when its not a surprise when something like this happens and that people are taking bets on how much longer than stated it would be.
Form what I understand of STO's problems it's not a coding issue.  The lag happens because the server is old and shared with Neverwinter and can't handle the load caused by the new things they've been adding to the game.  It's been bad enough at times that if you got 5 high DPS players in an ISA they could crash the server with all of their stacking buffs.  STO needs a new server and either it isn't making enough money to get one or Perfect World just refuses to spend the money.
Well they need to quit dishing out the big bucks for actors and get that new server then. Hell crowdfund the damn thing and I'm certain enough STO and Neverwinter folks would pitch in to get their game running well.

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