Looking for a Marauder Flight-Deck Cruiser [T5-U] build
So as the title says, I'm looking for a good build. One I can tank well in and deal a somewhat good amount of DPS back to the attacker. Now I have a build that I've started on and thinking it may work for my KDF toon, but want to see what others may have in mind

Thanks in advanced 

Haven't used the Marauder but it looks like it might make a good threat tank or Aux2Bat DPS build.
So... What is a Aux2Bat build? I'm just starting to get into perfecting my combat builds for my ships on two characters
Auxiliary to Battery

You use 2 Aux2Bat 1s with 3 Technicians that lower the cooldown on your Boffs abilities when you use Aux2Bat.  It makes it so that you can run a different ability in every Boff slot but still have the same up time as having 2 of each ability.

You would build your ship something like this and setup a keybind with EP2W, EP2S, DEM, TT, BFAW and both A2Bs on the rotation and it would give you almost 100% up time on your abilities.  People don't use Aux2Bat as much anymore but done right it can be a pretty powerful build.

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