USS Nautilus: 80K+ DPS Tactical Odyssey
There's really no reason to use the omni you have on the back, you're mostly broadsiding and it does a lot less damage than another beam array would do.
From my experience the slightly higher "time on target" of the omni more than makes up for the ~5% you lose vs. the potentially optimal weapon [mods] of another standard beam array.

Keep in mind that the crafted omnis have the same base dps as any array; you only lose out slightly on the mods (which is a very small loss if you run the math...we're talking 300/400dps on an 80K build).
(07-11-2015, 06:36 PM)robonixon Wrote: Zemok/Rugal help but can also be mitigated with AHOD/Reciprocity (coming to KDF characters in the next lockbox if the leaks are true), Bioneural Gel Packs, one of the Xindi Reptilian boffs, or with A2B although that would not be my preference. 
Hello, Borg would you be so kind to share more information (leaks) about upcoming content? After iq fleet decided to stop to share information, i feel myself blind.....
No one else has a source of leaks to my knowledge, we were all using IQ fleet. 

I have some (small) updates in case anyone is interested.

I have further revised my build and managed to push the Nautilus to 96K DPS (on a 75K channel L>R run with no recluse).

The changes are:
  • I dropped "elusive" from my personal trait list and added "Coaliton Starship Tactics". This is a very nice "9th trait" from the current lockbox that provides various small bonuses based on team composition. Worth picking up whilst it's cheap IMO (around 2mil ATM).
  • I replaced "improved pedal to the metal" with "invincible" (from the Zahl). Now that it no longer locks-out GDF, it makes aggressive GDF's much easier and safer to obtain.

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