Fleet Armada
Most of you know me as [email protected], in Omega. I've been playing since a week before launch. With the advent of Armada incoming, myself and several of my long playing friends are curious if we could add the Fleet we mostly use for alt leveling at the moment to the upcoming STO:A Armada.

We know normally there's a naming scheme, so that'd be off. But I'm pretty sure there aren't that many fleets yet in the circle. So, I figured it won't hurt to ask.


P.S. Mal, I asked Scarlett if she wanted me to say hi for her, she said no. Sorry brosif!
It's certainly an option, but it would need discussed further.

I shall bring this up with Attilio and the Chiefs and see where this would fit in.

Although, right now, we need to know a lot more of the specifics about the Armada system, and how adding a 4th Federation fleet would affect things; both positively and negatively.

Thanks for bringing it up though Big Grin

I am closing this thread, so these discussions can be held, and we will be in touch with you.


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