Masamune needs your halp!
It saddens me to say this, but I really need help putting picture on my STO academy profile. I did upload some picture, but it wont show up on my profile. I'm no computer savvy, please pm for any advice. Thanks !

Moved to Quark's as not Fleet issue.
If you're talking about the avatar you can upload it here

ZOMG!!!!! YAY!!!! Thank you boss Big Grin
Now! How to put a signature the picture on the bottom?
(07-10-2015, 09:40 PM)Masamune Wrote: Now! How to put a signature the picture on the bottom?
First of all, I wonder why you are listed as a standard forum user? Is this just a display error? I would confer with Attilio to get you access to Fleet-related Forums.

In general, you can edit your Signature via the User CP, but I give you the direct link instead: There you can enter the BB Codes generated by the various Tools you have at your disposal here.

If you want an individual, but not-official-fleet signature, then go to

Personally, I prefer the Official Fleet Signature Maker ( and the Commendation Ribbon Bar Generator (
I have added Mas to the fleet sections. So you don't have to ask Attilio Smile

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