question about the Star Trek Online.

On which slot i must set Universal assimilated console? Maybe i must replace Neutronium alloy on this console? I am not a professional in this game and don't know how correct install the weapons and console on the ship.
I would be worried if anyone was a professional...

If it were me I would use a science slot for the assimilated console
Looks to me like you have fleet science consoles, if those are the plasma generating consoles keep them and replace one of your engineering consoles.  You've got a really good build, it only needs a few more things to hit it's max DPS, which is your job as a tactical officer in an escort, without getting into upgrading.
Keep your neutronium and replace the other armor with the assimilated module.


What can i do with Task Force Omega?
Not sure what tier you get it at but you'll want the cutting beam for one of your aft weapons.

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