Upgrade System
Ok, 20%! WTF This is complete cow manure! 340 000 dil and about 80 superior upgrades to get to 20% Greed, is not good. See you in hell cryptic!  

Rant Over Angry

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We can rage at RNGesus all we like, but its ears are deaf to our cries.

I think the last think I took epic had to go to about 50%... someone told me about taking something to 98% before it went over one time... that said, the advice I've received is, if you get to about 50%, stop going for rarity increases and just use superiors (since you've already got a 50/50 chance, the rarity goes up so slowly and Experiments, Omegas, etc. are expensive). And good luck!

The upgrade system can be hell at times.  My Assimilated Module hit 30% before it upgraded to UR, I not looking forward to the upgrade to Epic.
I have accepted the fact that Level 14 is good enough. If I get a boost. Hooray bonus. I think I have one item that has gone epic in all the items I have upgraded.

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