Armada system? Is it real? Pinch me!
TP's skepticism with regards to cross-faction armadas is warranted, at least in the short term:
borticus Wrote:The Armada System will not allow for cross-faction organizations when it launches.

We plan to spend some time later on exploring whether or not doing so would be technically feasible, and what repercussions it might entail...

So, there is still hope down the road.

But this is pretty fresh, no matter what. I mean, the scalability, the potential for creating a lot of shortcuts for a lot of the cross-fleet inviting that the VAs have to do these days, etc... not to mention... can you imagine how deep and wide this grind could be? Wink

Multiple of the staff reported on Reddit that the armadas will not be cross faction at least at launch.

Good to hear they are discussing it. Cross faction would be awesome.

(07-02-2015, 07:53 PM)Jstagg Wrote: O.O

lol creep

So we still don't have cross faction fleets and the Armadas aren't going to be cross faction, at least at first, so what was the point of ending the Fed KDF war?  Nothing has changed, we were already running cross faction missions when the war was still going on and working together in the Dyson Spheres.  I really hate needing fleet credits on a KDF toon when a fed fleet needs resources more but it looks like that's never going to change unless I make all my toon one faction.
I think perhaps the method of thinking is that the FED/KDF war ending is part of the story arc played as you level up, rather than it all happening at end game.

Of course, by the time you get to level 50-52 you've probably already done Surface Tension, so that would demerit Cryptic's thinking around it.

But then again, it is all still controlled really by CBS and PWE, so there is that to consider too. I never really "blame" cryptic. That would be like blaming the heralds for blowing shit up, when it's really the Iconians Tongue

I would love cross-faction too, it would open up the game like never before. I guess it's just one thing we'll have to wait for, if ever. Lets not get stressed about it now, lets figure this out first Big Grin
Armada buffs per tier:

All credits to @spencerb96 from the DPS Channels for putting this together:

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