Noob question EC limit
I know there is a 10000000 limit,but i saw ppl post item in the exchange in the price tag of 200m and more.but I can't do that.
How can I post the price I want,I've a few ships to sell...
You need to buy the EC cap increase via the C-Store.
I believe it costs 500 Zen (which you can buy with dilithium if you don't want to spend real life money) and is the single most valuable thing you can buy from the C-Store (in my opinion).

The cap increase takes your limit from 10m to 1b ECs, at which point, playing around with items worth 100s of millions of ECs becomes possible... really, it's near-impossible to interact with the Exchange in any meaningful way without getting that cap increase.

Mind you, before you buy the increase, any ECs you earn over 10m will disappear... gone... forever... lost into the ether. So don't sell big-ticket stuff til you have that cap increase.

So do it do it and good luck! (and definitely don't under-sell those ships, unless you sell them to me, in which case, cool, lol).

You want them,I can sell them,or maybe a trade of some sort(ship for ship)..
Hmn... that's a vague possibility, but I was kinda joking. I mean, I don't have the kind of resources in game, at the moment, for a high-end lockbox ship (what it seems like you're trying to sell... something around 200m ECs), so I was offering to pay you 10m ECs for something worth much more, which is super-rude (*wags finger at self*)...

I would really still stand by purchasing the EC-cap limit increase and get a fair (read: high) price for whatever it is you're trying to sell. Then get that dough.


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