Fleet Tor'Kaht Battle Cruiser Retrofit [T5-U] Review
Hey guys,

So my very first post I am going to be putting on here is actually something I am working on for my KDF character. Now before I list the build I haven't come up with good KDF doffs yet for this build, but will update it in the future once I choose the ones that best suit my play style. 

I am trying to make a Nimble, tanking, DPS, Vor'cha basically and this is what I have come up with


Any and all help is appreciated 
I'd switch EPS3 to EPW3 and go with 3 damage control engineers and a warp core engineer.  With the damage control engineers you'll have almost 100% up time on your emergency power abilities and when the warp core engineer proc EPW and EPS will boost all of your power levels.

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