Converting Zen to EC
I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight into the most efficient way to turn Zen into EC. Is it selling Master Keys? Fleet Modules? or perhaps something I haven't considered?

Generally it's Keys, other options are Fleet Ship Modules or Upgrade Tokens, but Keys are nearly always more EC per Zen.
Okay, thank you Smile
Not sure what the other options sell for but I agree keys are probably the best.  With the price of keys right now a 10 pack should covert 1000 Zen it 30 to 35 million EC.
I have purchased zen for STO several times with out problem, the other day I bought it through Steam so I could buy master keys to sell for EC, the price was up to 3.5m a key. Well my account was placed on probation and still is and the price for keys has dropped nearly 500k.

has anyone else been placed on probation? If so have you been released? How long did it take?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I am extremely upset and frustrated because no one at Cryptic can tell me how long it will be.
There is a Forum post related to the Fraud Prevention System (Probation) on the official STO Forums.
In addition to what TP said, take heart with regards to your "loss" on the keys...

Lockbox Keys are all but guaranteed to go up in price significantly over time... and, from what I can tell from the general shape of the chart*, we're a little undertrend at the moment. Be patient. In fact, the nightmare of Cryptic customer service may actually position you to get 4m or more per key, lol... (still frustrating, though, I know)

If you are in a rush, though, there's consolation in the fact that keys were 2.1m/each just back in March. So, with an unluck, you're still making a bundle of ECs per key.

* I've been tracking several items in the Exchange for a few months, now, and that information is on the STO Academy fleet statistics site (Exchange Observations page). If you're a member of the fleet, you can find that link in the Fleet Discussions forum. If not, and you're not already in a fleet you dig, come on board!

Thanks for the advice, and for cheering me up.

You all are the best !
I did the same thing a few months ago and used Steam Wallet to get Zen for the keys. They also placed my account on probation and everything that I used that Zen for was bound to account. Don't make the mistake that I did and file 8 tickets on all 8 toons I have. That just made them mad or something. Because when I sent 4 complaint emails about the probation to their customer support email. They informed me not to submit a ticket on that because if you do, they will add one day to the probation for every ticket from you they get. Sort of their powers of "I'm greater than you so watch what I can do scenario", I'm guessing anyway. But at the end of the 68 days of probation that I served, sadly to say... "EVERYTHING" I bought with that Zen was still bound to the account. So, I had to keep all 30 keys I bought for the exchange.


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