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A 15 second trailer was released today for something coming from the DPS league and a few STO Youtubers and Twitch streamers.  Don't know much yet, just some of the people involved and the name, full announcement video is supposed to be coming next Friday.  Hoping this has Perfect Worlds backing, one of the people involved has been talking to Trendy, but it's not clear at this point.

Only thing I know for sure is ValikinFX had big plans of growing a community around his stream and it all got put on hold for this.
Sounds intriguing. There are so many knowledgable and talented folks out there and it's taken me years just to discover a sliver of them.

Exciting stuff!

Lots of great people involved in this project Smile
They weren't supposed to reveal the name yet but Snippy form the DPS channels was on ValikinFX's stream yesterday logged into the wrong Twitch account and gave it away.  The name of the ship at the end of the trailer is supposed to be a hint at the name but that's all we were supposed to get till next Friday.
Not sure when this is going to be reveled.  There's been a delay with the new CLR and they aren't moving forward till it is finished.
Whatever this is it should be announced at 12:30EST today during ValikinFX's stream.  And if everything is still on schedule we should have the DPS channel's new CLR, maybe still in beta form, today, if it is still the beta we should have the final version by Monday.

Website is live.

And there should be a blog post from Trendy talking about all of this sometime today.

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