suggestions for my avenger please
ive made some changes to my build since my last thread my parser works when it wants to but mostly does not so im shooting in the dark. i have been playing since february and im still learning the trades of the game but any suggestion i would appreciate so criticize my build and tell me where i can improve i have not unlocked the EC cap so im limited to what i can buy thanks everyone.
Hi dataport.

I also use an engineer and for a long time I used the avenger T5U (now I am on a guardian T6).
In your message it's unclear what you want to achieve. Do you want more DPS? In the following
answer I suppose so.
I am seeing in your build that you have skilled to max driver coil. This ability is useful mostly in the
sector space (it has also some effect on the normal space, but it's not critical). I would put it to zero.
You skilled "starship batteries" but in your build it seems to me that you are not using them. Why?
Either you use them either you decrease to zero that skill.
I would decrease of 3 (even 6) points "starship subsistem repair", it's useful if one system goes offline but how often it happen in an STF?. It could be very useful if you pass to a T6 ship and you start to use OSS (but I may be wrong, this time it may be fixed independently from the skill).
You have also skilled "Starship particle generator" but I see that your build is mostly an AP. Do you use any particular type of exotic energy? If not.... decrease this skill to zero.

Then there is another big point. You tried to maximize energy weapons and torpedoes. I think it's very hard to do that, moreover you use only the crystalline torpedo. Is it worth to use all these point for a single torpedo? Engineers usually have a lot of energy, I would rather go for an AP boat only. Then decrease "starship projectile weapons" and "starship projectile weapons specialization".

With the point that you have I would increase:
"starship attack pattern", "starship energy weapon specialization", "starship auxiliary performance" (since you use an Aux2bat build), "starship weapon performance". If something remain, "electro plasma system" and "hull plating".

Although before apply all this wait for a second opinion (and a third also), I may be very wrong!
i made some major changes to my build and skills take a look and tell me what you all think
Hi there.

I found this video that explain a good build for a DPS eng.
It seems that few things that I told you were not completely correct.
Take in mind that the person that did the video want to use a
Plasmonic leech in his build, so if you can't afford it change the flow capacitors.
I am a tact captain not engineer I used the link as a guide leech is to expensive for me to buy right now I rearrange my skills did you see that?
Sorry pal. For some reason I was thinking that you were an eng!
The guy that did the video guide for the DPS engineer did also another guide
for a tactical DPS build. He use a scimitar as ship but I think that
his guide can be easily adapted to an avenger.
To me his build seems quite robust, check it:
That video is out of date but here's the current build he is using.
And his Talwar build.

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