So, Quark's is as good a place as any...

I really like riding a bike... this may be because I was once a hippy and still hold onto having as small an ecological footprint as possible... or because I live in Brooklyn, where a bicycle is at least as fast and reliable as any other mode of transportation... but I've been hooked for a bit.

Anyways, early last year, I picked up a nice entry-level road bike and put several hundred miles on it before it was stolen (dude had a battery-powered angle grinder... I guess he really wanted the bike... too bad the video is really low-res)... so wack. Anyways, fast forward to this spring, when a friend is leaving town and wants to leave her Bianchi San Jose behind for a reasonable price...

And, dang, I'm in love all over again. I thought there would be some kind of adjustment to single speed or something (the other bike was 18 gears, this is, well, one), but I just put 20-plus miles on that little beast yesterday and my knees feel fine. Someone's not paying for any more subway rides for a while...

Anyone else here into cycling? For sport or for commuting? I'm more of a commuter myself, but I do like to go fast...


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