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(05-30-2015, 01:15 PM)Tyrel95 Wrote: TP, are you sure about retrain tokens at 55 an 60? Probably sto.gamepedia isn't updated but it says that retrain tokens are granted until 50 (only to be sure before subscribe).
I definitely remember receiving Respec Tokens at Level 55 and 60. I remember, because I was uber-happy about it.
Thanks TP, just subscribed. All my toons have received bank and inventory slots without level up (also the 60)... strange. Are they permanents?
Don't want to jinx it, but I think that they do.
(05-30-2015, 03:29 AM)puckalish Wrote: EC cap increase has been far and away my most useful Zen purchase, as well.

And, about 500m being 'unattainable,' well, I have to my spending under control, but we'll see about that! lol

I think I know where you got 500m from.  I believe that's the cap on the exchange.  You can't charge more than 500m for an item there.

I have the LTS and don't regret it, but if I were just starting out now I'd probably just buy the most useful things with micro-transactions.  The stipend is nice, but unless you know your going to play for years it's probably not worth the $300 or whatever it is they are charging now.
I have opened a ticket with perfect world about subscription and extra slots, they say that now, the bonus is retroactive, here the full message:

Thank you for the update. We received information that there were changes as to how this particular system now works. Today, if you login your character, regardless of level, during an active subscription, the character will receive retroactively the free bank and inventory slots up to the character's level.

For example, if you have a character that you leveled up when you do not have an active subscription, and then you logged-in that character during an active subscription, you will receive all the equivalent extra bank and inventory slots retroactively.

This character should then have a basic total of 132 bank slots and 96 inventory slots. (Not counting the extra slots that you may have bought in the C-store.) If later you decide to unsubscribe, the bank and inventory slots already gained will remain on the character.

Of course, there are also other benefits from being a subscriber. Some of these are only active while you have an active subscription, for example, the Energy Credits Increase. If you haven't bought the EC Increase item in the C-store while 'unsubscribed', then you will lose this benefit. (However, if you already bought it before you subscribed, then you won't lose this benefit.)

I hope I was able to explain clearly how the current system works. Please feel free to reply back if you have other inquiries or it was confusing.

Game Master
Perfect World Entertainment

I hope it could be useful... if it's true xD
I'm a subscriber and I received a retrain token at 55 and 60 for one toon. I didn't get them for toons that were over that number. Now they have the lifetime subscription at $199. If you can afford that it would be a better option. Because as a monthly subscription goes, you will spend that $199., quickly in about 13 - 14 months.


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