Ground Sets
I have ground sets on two of my officers but they do not register as being sets and dont indicate the special abilities resulting from the set. Do sets actually work on bridge officers?

thanks Angel
Haven't logged on since I saw the question, but, from what I've seen on other forums, the set bonuses should apply to your BOffs (as long as the set is equipped, obvs)... but two things could be interfering...

One, if the set is mismatched mark, it might not be synergizing (or whatever you call it when the pieces work together)...
Two, with active set powers, a lot of times the BOffs neglect to activate them.

As far as seeing whether or not the set bonuses are highlighted, I'd have to log in to check, but I seem to recall my BOffs' set stuff showing the highlighted set bonuses... so... maybe you have a bug?

Thanks, I was thinking bug but was not sure..
Passive Set powers seem to work always (like Team Ambush Field from Omega Set). However, I concur with Puck here, that BOFFs have troubles using active powers. I needed to equip replicated Frequency Remodulators to my BOFFs, because they refused to use the integrated ones.
Thanks everyone! The bug appears to be least that one is...
I'm just cracking up over at that one, Pink... "the" bug.

"The"... I'm dying! Hilarious.


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