Orbital Devastation Fix Incoming
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like they will be fixing the bug that allowed use of orbital devastation even though it wasn't a selected trait.  It's been broken for a very long time, interesting that they decided now that it had to be fixed.  Oh well.  Here is the relevant part of the tribble patch notes:
  • Characters that have unlocked the following Traits will no longer benefit from them unless they are actively slotted:
    • Orbital Devastation
    • Situational Awareness
    • Subspace Manipulator
    • Tactical Vigilance
Sooooooo, they like to 'fix' things that buff us, and ignore coding problems in actual episodes...

To be fair, I only showed a small portion of the patch notes.  The patches that are incoming are quite extensive.  Here is a link to the notes:


There was also a note about some network upgrades going on today.  Hopefully all of this will have a positive impact on the lag/crash/stability issues that have been around for some time now.
The fix/nerf to orbital devastation is a bummer, but there's a piece of good news in the tribble patch notes for anyone who upgrades their gear:
  • Removed the time to complete upgrading items to the next Mark.
    • When a player is able to upgrade an item that item will be removed from their inventory and placed in an upgrade slot as normal but will then be immediately available to claim in its upgraded form.

So no more waiting for hours to get your upgraded items! Yay!

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