I have finally set up my stuff so I can play one handed lol. However the point of this post is mines. Is there such a thing as a great set of mines?

Mines (like the Nukara Webmines) can be awesome! However, there are some things to consider:
  1. Always, really always use Dispersal Pattern Beta when using Mines as it will improve your Mine attacks greatly.
  2. Use the "Hot Pursuit" trait to double the range of the Mines from 3km to 6km.
I have been using these ones.. Rolleyes

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I second TP's suggestion for Nukara Web Mines. they provide good kinetic damage and render an opponent immobile and possibly disables their weapons as well.
Nukara mines are great as most enemies do not resist their damage and the immobilize effect sets up additional pain. However most other mines (even the Lobi set ones) are disappointing in performance. Good luck making them useful. If you can somehow combine them with a Grav well they would work wonders.

Immobilization mines are the way to go if you're determined to use 'em. Nukara ones are nice, but Tractor Beam ones are a good alternative if your rep's not up to scratch.
Thanks everyone, food for thought Wink

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