Plamonic Leech
Hello All,

I have decide to save up and get a Plasmonic Leech.

I have a quick question though, if I buy the Vandal Destroyer for my Klingon Alt, will I be able to pass the leech over to my Fed toon?

If not, what is the quickest/easiest way to get the better part of 40million EC Huh



The Butcher.
The Leech from the Vandal Destroyer will be bound to Character, so you can't transfer it to other characters on your Account.

The very easiest AND quickest way I can imagine right now, is to acquire some 2000 ZEN, buy Lock Box Keys and sell them on the Exchange.
The quickest way I know of to earn big ec, short of buying zen, would be earning and selling crafting materials.  Either selling the materials directly or making superior tech upgrades work.  Another solid way to earn ec is to have multiple KDF characters and run lots of marauding doff missions to pick up contraband.  You can get around 3.5 to 4 million per 100.
Other ways are to look for inefficiencies in certain items... last I looked, Kazon Heavy Raiders were fluctuating wildly between 1m and 2m ECs on the Exchange. Buy low, sell high.

40m takes a bit to build up, especially from scratch, but Jack, I think, recently posted this video with some interesting tips on getting that scratch together:


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