Apologies for the Whining
As many of you may have picked up in chat, I'm finding the game almost entirely unplayable as it currently operates for me.

I've tried a whole bunch of stuff, including reinstalling, changing settings, starting in safe mode, changing my DNS handling (from Optimum to Optimum's OpenDNS numbers to Google's DNS service) and steady watching these traceroutes.

Now, some of this may be my ISP, as there is often a slow step from lightpath.net to cogentco.com, but, considering that cable is a monopoly in the US, well...
Quote:6  451be0da.cst.lightpath.net (  37.144 ms  16.319 ms (  14.064 ms
7  * * *
8  be2324.ccr41.jfk02.atlas.cogentco.com (  139.773 ms

I guess step 7's just going to have to suck, lol...

In other news, I'm about 4% of the way into patching 11 GBs (yes, gigabytes) of patches... so, maybe this reinstall will do something.

I got in a quick CCA after starting up, and, aside from everyone else being so weak that I got 1st place, that went fine... then, I was barely able to get through recording Exchange prices... actually, it crashed twice while all I was doing was looking up items in the Exchange and engaging in banter in chat... and I'm not even recording that many prices these days!

If anyone has any ideas... lemme know...

Two things I'm not considering are:
Switching ISPs (Optimum provides the only cable internet in my area and FIOS doesn't come into my building yet, meaning there would be a significant initial cost and I would also have to petition all of my neighbors and the management company...)
Getting a new computer (I know a MacBook Pro isn't optimal, but, really... for my work, I'm often running very heavy stuff in Photoshop and Illustrator concurrently with running multiple server instances on my local machine to test dev versions of sites on which I'm working... the little guy is a beast and has no problems with anything *but* STO... and I don't have the scratch right now)


The bottom line is, I'm sorry for all my whining in chat... just annoying that, just as I'm getting the hang of things, and during an R&D weekend, the game is almost entirely unplayable. I have a great time playing with you all and I hope all y'all's great times are continuing unfettered!

Just barely made it to 9% of the patch...
Anyways, just putting this here that I saw in the STO forums, so I have it for reference later:

Quote:OK... this is more or less the "official" fix from PWE.
Start the game in Safe Mode.
Select D9 EX and adjust the other settings to your liking.
Exit the game.
In Options in the Launcher Go to the Command Line
Enter: -d3d11Enable 0

Update: been playing for a little bit now since using that command line suggestion above and, aside from a little standard rubber banding and lag, things seem to be going better. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too puck!Big Grin
Unlucky Puck...

You may find that it will take quite a long time to get fixed. I had to wait for 3 weeks for Cryptic to fix the mac client. 4 tickets, at least 6 reinstalls didn't work, turned out to be a problem with the client wrapper itself.  Angry

Well, I hope that you at least will have a better time... It be a shame if you got sidelined because of this.

Thanks for the commiseration, guys! Unfortunately, I'm a bit versed in the mac client being broken, but, in the past, I wasn't part of some fleet that made it so enjoyable to be in-game, so I took a break for a month. Now, I'm actually motivated to troubleshoot!

And, well, I don't want to speak too soon, but it seems like I may have sorted this out and that it's actually similar, seeing as how messing with the DirectX version seems to have done something, I would guess that something was updated and isn't backwards compatible with the Cider wrapper.

Any which way, isn't technology amazing? I mean, I've been really frustrated, but... the technology that allows me to kick back with y'all and blow things up in a visually amazing and narratively compromised Star Trek simulacrum is brilliant.

I mean, my problems have to do with a bunch of intricate high-level software interactions and how they, then, perform actions on these incredibly involved pieces of hardware juggling subatomic particles. So, here's gratitude for all the stuff that *does* work...


Try a pregram call Play on Linux.  I think it has a Mac version and it will allow you to use the Windows client for STO.
Thanks for the tip, Eaglescoutdjb, I'll definitely check that out, as my problems have not subsided (to which several fleet members could attest after this morning - again, thanks so much for y'all's patience!)...

Another thing I want to put a pin in is that I'm having a lot of lag jumping from lightpath to cogentco and, later on, will try the EU proxy or something to see how that goes, per Nyx's suggestion in chat.


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