The Doctor
Have you guys seen this? I have been a victim of domestic violence and drugz, poor guy he does not deserve this!

Wow, sounds like a pretty messed up situation there.
That's terrible news! What's also awful is that I had never heard about any of this until there's a murder case? Just another example of how we're all too silent about this kind of violence...

And I'm sorry to hear you're a survivor, too, Pink, but much respect for being courageous enough to talk about it... I think the more we talk about DV, realize how prevalent it is, and stop treating it as a private matter, the sooner we get to real healing for abusers, victims, survivors, everybody... So thanks for bringing this up, Pink... sad as it is.

And, back to the Doctor, there are quite a few great organizations (though there could be more and they could use more support) out there and I know he's got an alright amount of personal resources, but... I'm just here hoping he gets the help he needs to come out on the other side intact.

Me too Puck, its true you stay silent, I did. Until he beat me so badly I had to run up to the police station on foot because of the phone being out of the wall. Three years of counseling later and here I am! He is still free as a bird too. When anyone asks lol I am asexual!
Just to be clear, I don't mean that the weight lies on the victims and survivors of DV to speak up, but on the rest of us to create an environment in which that's more possible. Honest, I think if a DV victim survives, they're already winning, in my book. The whole mechanics of abuse are set up to keep the person being abused silent. It's the work of the rest of us to undo that knot - I think - and to not stand by and give folks a pass when "something's up."

Therapy is awesome, though, huh? Certainly more reliable than any justice system.


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