Mad Late to the Samsar Party
Couldn't sleep last night (nerves... ugh, lol... who needs 'em?), so I decided... seeing as how I have an extra ship trait slot, I might as well finally take the old Samsar out of drydock...

It's pretty fun, really... a change of pace from my usual fare, but Natal, the science captain that he is, was a little confused by the controls:

"This is it? Really? It seems like there are a bunch of computer panels, but all they have on them is left, right, up, down, throttle and something called 'spacebar.' Hmph. Engineers."

Ghost Niani (named after a wonderful stray-turned-awesome-companion who passed away last year), on th other hand, had no trouble making himself right at home:

On a related note, check that crease in the pants... Natal stays ironing those bad boys.

I completely missed the event, but it certainly seems like a fun bird to mess around with. It was apparently the first Command-pattern ship in the game, or something like that...
It is fun... mostly because it's different than what I'm used to.
And, yeah, it was like the teaser junior-grade command ship they rolled out before they released the real deal... not quite as powerful as a "real" T6, but I can't complain... I've fitted the thing with a bunch of these Radiant AP weapons and some consoles I crafted and have barely paid attention to the BOff layout, but, apparently, it's impossible to explode in this thing, lol... something my Pathfinder could learn a thing or two about.

I don't know if "bird" is the right metaphor, though... maybe more "whale..." because (a) the turning radius, even with my piloting spec and some consoles to help, is awful; and (b) well, c'mon, if it's not the Predator's head, it's definitely a whale in space... it's even got baleen in its grill, lol.

Well, anytime I'm in it, you're welcome aboard (the bridge is much more spacious than that of my science ship/s), though, given the event reward nature of the thing, I can't, unfortunately, lend it to you to take a spin...

Main appeal of the Samsar was the console for me.
Arguably the single most powerful defensive console in the game. At least for us Feds who don't have access to the Valdore console...

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