Alien Species Requests!
Well, this is just something that I thought of in the last couple of days, but I found myself bemoaning my lack of aesthetic skill in the alien creator. My limits are usually hit with adding tendrils and changing skin and hair colors. I've been playing so many games and looking through so many fandoms that had species that I thought would be cool to play in STO, but I can't create them.  Picard Facepalm

It occurred to me that other people might have similar thoughts or species they wanna make, so... Drop your ideas here?

And if anybody knows how to make an Asura (the Yodaling things from Guild Wars 2), I'd appreciate some help Tongue

(If this would be better somewhere else, drop it there, please.  Big Grin )
That's a fresh idea... and I know there are some folks around (like Lerch, for example, who made a strikingly good Hierarchy alien the other day), who are pretty into cooking up very specific looks in the character creator. I'd be down to give it a go when I get a little more time on my hands, too, though I'm a little unpracticed.

I'm crap at messing with the facial stuff, but my biggest problem was the ears Tongue

See what I mean?

Did manage to make myself Subcommander Drizzt and Warrior Thrawn, though... That was gratifying. XD

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