Superior Romulan Operative
Where do KDF toons get Boffs with Superior Romulan Operative?  I checked the Embassy and none of them had Superior Romulan Operative.  I need at least 2, 3 if I decide to add Kemocite to my build.
The rare tactical males at the embassy have superior operative, none of the others do, so you can buy those for your tac seats but you won't be able to get sci or eng boffs.  Best you can do there is to get officers with pirate or efficient.
I'll look again after the maintance, could have sworn none of the ones at the embassy had superior.
Hmm, the superior roman op offs and doffs should be at the embassy.. Odd if you can't find them. Could it be another bug?
I'm just glad the answer wasn't the exchange, try to find Boffs with certain traits on there is a pain in the ass.
Go for the blues not the purples. The embassy should have them.

Found it,  Now I just need some dilithium, donated everything I had right before today's maintenance.
You're a good man for the donation, though!


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