Poll: How has Cryptic's ship art been lately?
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Good, impressed for once.
9 90.00%
Meh... don't care/ only satisfactory
0 0%
Hate it/ looks terrible
1 10.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Recent ship art
Hi all,

Looking at the recent ship art from Cryptic I have actually ( not what you'd expect huh? Dodgy) been rather impressed. I liked the some of the recent ships, and I thought at least the fed pilot ships were great ( apart form the engineering one) particularly the science one. Big Grin They looked like an extra maneuverable defiant, which was great. Liked the new galaxy glass, the guardian class, and the command ships somewhat. At least their art department is doing a good job, hopefully ( bit of a long shot Sad ) the rest of the studio will eventually start doings things this way as well. 


What do you guys think? Huh

I must say I like the Fed Pilot ships a lot.
They look fresh and interesting and yet feel like a coherent evolution the canon design language (something I never felt with Intel ships or even the command ships).
My only objection to the the poll is that this isn't the first time I've been impressed by STO's artwork, lol...

no real vote from me hate the romulans design, I like the klingons, and mixed on feds  Smile not sure how to vote that in
I got the iconic ship bundle and I am very impressed with the artwork. The romulan ship is particularly beautiful Smile
In love with the KDF ones, and sort of neutral towards the other two. I was never really a huge fan of the flat-looking escorts.

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