Where is good place to get Romulan and Undine Marks?
Where is a good place other than STFs to get Undine and romulan marks.I want to get the store unlocks for phaser and disruptor /plasma weapons?
The easier ways to farm these marks are probably:

Undine Marks: The Undine Battlezone (in the Solanae Sphere) + Vicious Cycle (relatively easy space queue)
Romulan Marks: Tau Dewa Patrols + New Romulus Adventure Zone + Azure Nebula Rescue (relatively easy space queue)
The romulan patrols are still there not sure if they reward marks anymore since you dont need a mission to access them
Yes, the Tau Dewa patrols still reward marks.
No mentions of epohh tagging? I haven't done it in quite a while, but it got most of my Rommie marks that way. Guide here: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showth...p?t=469481

It's really not that hard to get together a team for it... and, as a bonus, Epohh tagging counts toward one of the fleet commendations, which should make it easy to scramble a fleet team and get it done quick. For my part, I'm almost always down to lend a hand with epohh tagging because there's an Exchange on New Romulus and I like being near those, lol

Edit: In typical absent-mindedness, I spaced that this is part of the NR Adventure Zone... that may be because I did almost none of the rest of the zone when I was accruing Romulan Marks, just stopped by to do an Embassy daily and tag some bunnies. Oops.

Epohhs are included in the mention of new Romulus adventure zone above I think.

Rommie Marks are even easier to get now with the Delta thingy. If your character is new, that is. Otherwise, Epohh tagging and the Dewa patrols are the easiest non-STF missions that reward the marks. It used to be kind of easy to PUG non-elite mode Rommie STFs, though... Not the case anymore?

As for Undine, I dunno. I've been farming Dyson stuff because I love it to pieces.

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