Calling all Ground Warfare Specialists
So, we had a fun ground run today in the fleet... we did fail a couple of Elites, which is too bad and something that prompted me to think that we should run Advanceds to get tighter with the objectives...

Then I looked at the Commendations page and all it requires is completed Advanceds, so...

This thread is just to kind of exist as a place for folks to volunteer for ground mission. I know there are a number of folks who are not into it at all, but I've noticed some of these cats coming around for STFs, so it looks like there's a resurgence in interest.

Anyways, I'm throwing my had in the ring as down for just about any Advanced or Elite ground queue, even with all this lag (I had never gotten it on ground before, hmnn).

We can also use the borg Advanced queues to train up for the Elite accolades for which Jack's organizing people.

I know KG's got screen grabs of that run, but I figured I'd post this (a) as a kick off for the ground adventures (well, rote repetition, but, whatever) and (b) as a demonstration of the fact that my toon may not be a dwarf, but Si'ward is almost as tall crouching.

So, despite no one responding to the thread, a lot of folks have been down to run ground STFs lately, which is awesome!

Also, a while ago, I picked up a bunch of Hive Mind traits on the (relatively) cheap... Given that this trait stacks (well, at least it doubles with two people who have it slotted, but dunno if it's capped at that), I figure it's good if a bunch of folks in the fleet have it for our ground runs.

So, while I picked these guys up as an investment, I think it only makes sense to distribute a few with the announcement of this Ground Warfare Specialist (GWS?) commendation...

So, once the next round of commendations are awarded, I'm going to randomly select 3 of the first round of Ground Warfare Specialists to get a Hive Mind reward box to do with as you please (though it would be best to actually open it, I'm not mad at anyone who wants quick ECs - been there), with the exception of anyone who wishes to opt out (already have it, etc.).

I'm not certain when that's going to be, but it may be soon, so get your Fleet ground runs in to be sure to be in the running!

PS. R&D weekend's coming up, so that's added incentive to do ground queues...

I support this endeavor. A++

Wouldn't call myself a Ground Warfare Specialists but I have to say ground is a hell of a lot more fun since I put a decent kit together.  I would like to test this build on advanced but I don't trust pugs with an untested build.
Sure count me in, will be up for stfs on the weekends
First off, it's the name of the commendation, so if you earn it (which I'm certain you can... if not now, soon), you'll just have to deal with being a Ground Warfare Specialist, lol...

As far as testing goes and/or not being confident to get the Advanced... I won't speak for anyone else (though I know others, like Jack, above, feel the same way), but I'm pretty much always down to go on a ground run or single queue with fleetmates... whether it be an easy breezy Advanced, an Advanced we might fail, or a Normal.

Oh, and Bug Hunt Elite and Defend Ri'hillo Station Elite are both fairly straightforward once you know what to do. *jumps into a pile of Scavenged Technology, rolling around and throwing handfuls up in the air*

Unfortunately, Jack, I won't be around this weekend, but... especially with all this renewed interest, we should try to motivate around training up for those borg elites, again, even if that just means grabbing whomever is around and doing a bunch of normal runs to get it rote.

I am always up for ground pucks Smile Lemme know and we can always coordinate!

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