Theta Squadron: Attempt to get the Small Craft Specialist Fleet Commendation
The 27th should work for me unless some last minute thing comes up of course.
May 27th should be alright for me... I just can't do anything after 5:30pm Eastern (21:30) and may need to schedule kind of tight around it, since it's during the workday, but, all that said, planning this far out should make it pretty easy to work out.

Now, next time I'm in-game, I've got to remember to put some gear on that Yellowstone and try flying it around to get some practice.

Sorry TP, I've got school.... Im in effect only available on the weekends. if everyone else can make it then feel free to go ahead without me... But please keep in in the loop for any future missions.



FYI the best times for me in general are on fridays, saturdays and sundays around 5pm or so... 
(05-27-2015, 12:07 PM)Chris Wrote: Hmmm,

   As luck would have it, I now have a 3pm meeting because of new requirements on a deliverable.

   How about 1pm?  or 1700 Universal?

Sounds like we might only have 3-4 folks anyway, but I just wanted to communicate!

We'll see how it turns out. No rush. Wink
A little update: KG and I took our Fighters today and replayed the episode "The Best Defense" ("Atmosphere Assault" in story mode). Turned out that Fighters equipped with Aceton Assimilators and at least one Omni-Directional Beam are quite useful.

This does not mean, that you are required to get a Fighter. It's saying that it is a good start to have at least two Fighters on the Team to begin with. KG and I are confident, that we should be able to complete the Small Craft missions on Advanced difficulty.
Shoot, had a call at 1pm... hopefully will be off my next call by 3pm, but who knows, lol... Folks and their absurd functionality requests on e-newsletters. That said, for me, typically, Fridays are easier to schedule around, so Friday at 1900 or at 1700 Universal could totally work for me. All *that* said, the game persists in its bugginess, so maybe you're better off without me until after Thursday's patch no matter what, lol.

A Shuttle Weekend Event is on the horizon. Let's to prep our Shuttles / Fighters and use this opportunity to qualify for the Small Craft Warfare Specialist Commendation!
BTW - if anyone is interested in doing shuttle/small craft content, I'm always game. I have several, like 6 or 7 of them. So I'm definitely interested in content that utilizes them.
I am not good at any of these things but if you need a target guy let me know i would like to join. I got a Delta flier.

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